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Our mission at AOR is dedicated to providing unrivalled innovation and unmatched quality in natural health products to its valued and discerning customers. AOR is committed to researching the best that science and nature have to offer. By delivering the “right amount of the right ingredients to the right place at the right time,” AOR offers its customers a unique and truly orthomolecular approach to personalized nutrition for the future.

  • AOR Ortho Adapt (120 caps)

    Description Ortho Adapt is used in herbal medicine to help improve mental or physical performance after periods of mental or physical exertion and as a tonic to help relieve general debility and to aid during convalescence. Help Your Body Cope With...



  • AOR Ortho Mind (180 capsules)

    Ortho Mind is an advanced formula for cognitive health that contains synergistic ingredients in doses supported by clinical research.  Ortho Mind is designed to optimize cognitive performance in anyone from working professionals to...



  • AOR Strontium Support II (60 veg caps)

    AOR Strontium Support II Strontium is a trace mineral which concentrates in the skeletal system, where it supports the function ofosteoblasts (the cells which form new bone) while reducing the differentiation and activity of osteoclasts (the cells which...



  • AOR Thyro Support (90 veg caps)

    AOR Thyro Support Thyro Support contains iodine to help in the function of the thyroid gland as well as other minerals and natural ingredients for the maintenance of good health. Supports and Stimulates the Thyroid Effective fatigue and adrenal...



  • AOR UTI Cleanse Now with Cranberry (60 tabs)

    AOR UTI Cleanse Now with Cranberry UTI Cleanse now with CranberryTM is used in herbal medicine to help prevent urinary tract infections (UTIs). A Natural Solution for Urinary Tract Infections Provides plant extracts for preventing UTI's Helps fight...



  • AOR Vitamin D3 1000IU (120 veg caps)

    Description  Vitamin D is best known for its role in aiding the absorption of calcium from the digestive system and promoting bone formation, but it has many other actions including balancing immune function and supporting mood. Vitamin D is...


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  • AOR Zinc and Copper Balance (100 veg caps)

    AOR Zinc Copper Balance Zinc and copper are essential minerals critical to the maintenance of good health and connective tissue formation. Zinc supplementation is known to cause copper deficiency. Zinc-Copper BalanceTM provides a balanced ratio of zinc...


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